Re: Why do you read sci.a

J. Moore (
Sat, 27 May 95 15:45:00 -0500

RR> Hello,
RR> I am a grad student at UC Berkeley. I have been reading this group
RR> for a couple of years and truth is I have not found it especially
RR> interesting on the whole. It's a bit disappointing that this
RR> potentially interesting vehicle is not used to its potential.

RR> It's seems probable that the participant/audience pool is not very
RR> large, particularly in terms of socio-cultural anthropologists.
RR> If so, this may be due to a relatively low level of technical
RR> sophistication with computers.

RR> My 2 cents.

RR> -Rafael Reyes

Although many anthro pros may not be especially "technically
sophisticated" with computers, let's face it, it only takes basic typing
skills to use a newsgroup. I think the reason is the same as why Jan
Brunvand (who's written several books on urban legends) reads the UL
newsgroups but never ever writes in them, or why The Amazing Randi never
posts except through someone else, with his own e-mail address removed.
(Or for that matter, why Teri Hatcher doesn't give out her e-mail

Seeing the loonie theories that pass by these portals, and the lack of
even the most basic reading on the subject being done before those posts
are made, not to mention just plain loonie guys who blast anyone from
what they consider "establishment" types, *WOULD *YOU*?

Jim Moore (

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