Re: Gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 06:23:35 GMT

In article <3ptugj$>, ( writes:
>As far as I know (and, as an educational psychologist, this is not
>unfamiliar territory to me), differences have been established in the
>DISTRIBUTION of cognitive functions between males and females. The

Here we go! An educational psychologist indeed.

Please do excuse me, David, but may I ask just what it is you are
doing here on sci.anthropology replying to these jerks.

They are computer programmers employed to maintain the Net, and you
might all as well go play in sci.psychology. Or anywhere else for
that matter.

Why persist in flooding our bandwidth with any of this? It is of no
relevance here, nor interest. Surely if I have a legitimate query of
you I am well able to go ask you myself, without you lot sitting there
trying to shove it down our throats day after day for months on end.