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23 May 1995 23:49:25 GMT

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>>>I think Gerald meant only that sexual dimorphisms in the nervous
>>>were "proven" (and, indeed, such dimorphisms are well documented).
>>Hmmm... I re-read this and it still sounds to me like one presenting
>>yet undetermined hypothesis as generally accepted. *Clear
>>were shown between male and female cognitive processes* sounds rather
>>positivist, wouldn't you agree?
>Yes, I was under the impression that actual cognitive differences
>male and female had been demonstrated. The physical dimorphism of the
>brain, as bryant mentioned, is well documented, and apparently less
>controversial. But I was talking about cognitive differences.
>The results that I saw reported the results of very basic cognitive
>functions, and showed differences as large as .6sigma or so. I forget
>name of the researchers; what exactly is the nature of the
controversy? Is
>it a question of the experimental methodology, or just some people who
>don't like the results, and then refuse to accept them?
>Unfortunately, the latter seems quite likely, given the knee-jerk
>which we've witnessed here in response to any findings relating to
>hereditary aspects of human capability.

Although I remember that a few of the responses (in the Arch-L debate)
were reactionary, most were well thought out and very valid. The
entire debate is archived on WWW on the Arch-L archive... I can get you
the address if you're truly interested (the debate went on for weeks).
In addition, if I recall correctly, most of the more viceral responses
sprung from an unquestioning assertion by the original poster that such
findings were along the lines of *innate, hereditary aspects of human
capability* and thus hard, scientific facts.

In addition, I would recommend that in the future, if you choose to
cite controversial findings (or anyone else's work, for that matter),
proper citation of sources would be in order, don't you think?

MB Williams

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