Re: Reply to DoggonFly (was: DON'T HIRE....)

Mikhail Teterin (
26 May 1995 23:10:21 GMT

Sitting, working. Suddenly realized that Alexey V. Andreyev wrote:
: DragonFly managed to cry....

: Who are you in this system, dear? Poor-bred, half-bred,
: ill-bred Sovok, or another type of mongrel? Enlighten please!
: o
: <^> Alexey
: |\

The jerk, calling himself dragon fly, is not worth much of attention --
fact well known to those who are here for a while. However, he is an
interesting example of a jerk, which is why I, personally, do not keep him
in the kill-file. The only purpose of most of his posts is insulting
others in different ways (sometimes, he even contradicts himself for
that), which BTW makes him a criminal, I believe.

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