Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 23 May 1995 09:22:06 GMT

In article <>, Ian Musgrave ( writes:
>Sorry Gil, you also post to the following four groups:
>>Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.anthropology,alt.astrology,
> ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^

Ian, let me demonstrate to you once and for all what is going on here.

In this VERY ITEM of yours here above, you yourself chose for reasons
known only to yourself to x-post material addressing me personally, to
ALL of the following:

>From: (Ian Musgrave)
>Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.anthropology,alt.astrology,

To which I here now in my turn merely respond.

But it is you insisting nonetheless on some bizarre logic of your own
invention that I am the one doing the cross posting.

No, I am not. It is not my site from which this garbage originates,
and you like all the others are wasting your time complaining to me
about it.

Here now, once again, I do no more than exercise my right of reply to
the same audience you yourself have chosen to drag into all this crud
stupidity. If you don't want my follow-up to your item to cover such a
wide audience, why do you x-post to such a wide audience to start with?

Or do you insist that you have certain privileged rights to use of
the Usenet News I am to be denied? That I am to have my right of
reply to your criticism restricted to groups of your own choosing.

Such appalling arrogance! You can get fucked too, old bean!

That is precisely the same stunt such psychopathic morons as Lydick
over there at Caltech in the US are pulling, insisting that we here
are so stupid as to just fall for it. I tell you, NOT SO!

If you do want the problem sorted out, I suggest rather that you:

1. Attend to your own x-posting behaviour;

2. Take time out to track down the lurkers and flame merchants over
in the US who find such glee in getting this sort of thing going to
start with;

3. Get some of the others to stop e-mail bombing my site with their
multiple copies of the same whinging, moaning complaints.

Some silly panic-stricken slut called Colene Pearce keeps sending me
as many as seven and eight copies of exactly the same complaints all
at once, apparently feeling that I will be impressed.

Sorry, NOT!

Get it yet? It can go on for as long as you want; I just don't care
two figs whether it does or not!

You lot are so worried about it, you sort it out . . .