Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Carl J Lydick (carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU)
22 May 1995 09:20:39 GMT

In article <>, (Ian Musgrave) writes:
=In article (Gil Hardwick) writes:
=>LET ME REPEAT MYSELF, MORON! I subscrube to sci.anthropology. I post
=>to sci.anthropology.
=Sorry Gil, you also post to the following four groups:
=>Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.anthropology,alt.astrology,
= ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^
=>Reply-To: (Gil Hardwick)
=>From: (Gil Hardwick)
=>Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 04:32:17 GMT
=>Subject: Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"
=>Lines: 81
=This is YOUR posting header, no one else is passing on your articles. If
=you wish to only post to sci.antroplogy, when you next post, please check
=that the Newsgroups line and the Followups line contain only sci.anthropology.
=I would respectfuly ask that other participants please check the Followup line
=as well. This might be hidden in some newsreaders, so check your help file.
=Cheers!, neuroscientist and netlurker

Sorry, Ian. It's perfectly clear that the only way Gil thinks that such things
can be done is via prayer to his deity. And his deity seems powerless to
achieve even so simple a result. But that's fundamentalism for you.

Disclaimer: Hey, I understand VAXen and VMS. That's what I get paid for. My
understanding of astronomy is purely at the amateur level (or below). So
unless what I'm saying is directly related to VAX/VMS, don't hold me or my
organization responsible for it. If it IS related to VAX/VMS, you can try to
hold me responsible for it, but my organization had nothing to do with it.