Re: Jungian Newsgroup - help please!

Nandini Garud (
21 May 1995 07:26:33 GMT

In <3p2rrs$> Carroll Bishop
<> writes:
>Our Jungian newsgroup is a reality as of Saturday May 6th! It's
> alt.psychology.jung
>We're having propagation problems (the usual, I suppose). People
>are e-mailing me from the States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel,
>Germany, even the other side of Toronto -- asking how to get the
>new Jungian newsgroup.
>Can you people help out? Get in touch with the news administrator
>of your own system, and make sure he's picked us up. Also: post
>a message in alt.config telling the systems people there that in case
>they missed it, alt.psychology.jung was newgrouped on May 6th (the
>control message was sent by John Grohol of sci.psychology), and
>that people all over the world are having trouble getting through
>to us.
>Thanks a lot. And come visit us when we've settled in! Or as
>soon as we're connected properly!
> carroll bishop
> (email address: )