Jungian Newsgroup - help please!

Carroll Bishop (cbishop@interlog.com)
13 May 1995 17:56:17 GMT

Our Jungian newsgroup is a reality as of Saturday May 6th! It's


We're having propagation problems (the usual, I suppose). People
are e-mailing me from the States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel,
Germany, even the other side of Toronto -- asking how to get the
new Jungian newsgroup.

Can you people help out? Get in touch with the news administrator
of your own system, and make sure he's picked us up. Also: post
a message in alt.config telling the systems people there that in case
they missed it, alt.psychology.jung was newgrouped on May 6th (the
control message was sent by John Grohol of sci.psychology), and
that people all over the world are having trouble getting through
to us.

Thanks a lot. And come visit us when we've settled in! Or as
soon as we're connected properly!

carroll bishop
(email address: cbishop@interlog.com )