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23 May 1995 04:41:13 GMT

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Alex Mittelman <> wrote:
>In <3pr7a3$> Dragon Fly writes:
>>I may venture to suggest
>>an intelligent person could not be
>>proud of something which is not _his
>>personal accomplishment.
>>Hence comes the insightful conclusion:
>>you are either not intelligent person, or
>>your are not really proud of yourself being a Jew,
>>or both.
>>The third is commonly reserved for purebred Sovoks.
>Mr. Fly,
>Being a Jew, or Irish, or Russian is a personal achievement.
>The person who is proud of his/hers identity is the one who
>understands and appreciates his people's accomplishments in culture,
>science, arts, and religion. Consequently, the person who rose to this
>level of maturity and who is rightfully proud of his/hers identity is
>a happy and intelligent human being.

As insightful as it stands,
every chief of a cannibal tribe
will fit your definition of
"a happy and intelligent human being" on all 100%

> Someday, Mr. Fly, when or if you will become capable to appreciate
>and love your people and be proud of your own identity, you will too
>graduate from a fly to a human. In the meantime, by the nature of your
>habitat, you are full of it and it ain€t honey.
>Alex Mittelman