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Alex Mittelman (
23 May 1995 03:14:23 GMT

In <3pr7a3$> Dragon Fly writes:

>I may venture to suggest
>an intelligent person could not be
>proud of something which is not _his
>personal accomplishment.
>Hence comes the insightful conclusion:
>you are either not intelligent person, or
>your are not really proud of yourself being a Jew,
>or both.
>The third is commonly reserved for purebred Sovoks.

Mr. Fly,

Being a Jew, or Irish, or Russian is a personal achievement. The
person who is proud of his/hers identity is the one who understands and
appreciates his people's accomplishments in culture, science, arts, and
Consequently, the person who rose to this level of maturity and who is
rightfully proud of his/hers identity is a happy and intelligent human
being. Someday, Mr. Fly, when or if you will become capable to
appreciate an
d love your people and be proud of your own identity, you will too
graduate from a fly to a human. In the meantime, by the nature of your
habitat, you are full of it and it ain€t honey.

Alex Mittelman