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Andrew Christy (
23 May 1995 02:19:18 GMT (Gil Hardwick) writes:
>In article <>, Kai Henningsen ( writes:
>[gentle castigation of Gil for his rantings]
>You don't speak English very well, do you Mr Henningsen. Must be your
>second language, no doubt.
>Pity Danish is spoken by so few; I mean, a language so fundamentally
>irrelevant to international affairs, else we would all be having as
>much fun as you are making a complete idiot of yourself making out IN
>FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD that your own extremely limited linguistic
>capacity is somehow the fault of a native English speaker.
>Just piss off, eh!
And you, Gil.

Your irrational, xenophobic burblings are of no relevance to sci.astro.
You claim to be reading and writing on sci.anthro, and wonder why we
get annoyed with you. In fact, you are cross-posting to four different
groups, and could easily remedy the situation if you chose. Why you
persist in sticking around and being abusive escapes me. Maybe you've
driven away all your non-virtual colleagues and only have e-abuse left
as an outlet for your spleen. Sad.

Just in case you have a dyslexia problem, I'll remind you that the word
'anthropology' does not have 's' as its second letter.

Hope this helps,

Andy C


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