Re: Sun-Centered? (was: The Flat Earth?)

Ben Weiner (
21 May 1995 21:38:21 -0400

Heavy crossposting, dudemeister. (what does this have to do
with aus.religion?) Followups set to alt.folklore.urban (Robert Roosen) writes:

>Let's not forget Boston. Three right turns are seldom the equivalent of
>a left turn. Also, it is nearly impossible to get anywhere without
>crossing the Mystic River Bridge at least once.
>Street signs used to be an endangered species there (one every twenty or
>so blocks). For the Bicentennial (1976) a lot of signs were put up.
>Don't know the present situation.

Boston, where a street goes into a regular four way intersection as
Summer St and comes out as Winter St.

I used to live in Pittsburgh, PA in a house on the corner of Monitor
and Beechwood. The middle corner. There were three intersections
of Monitor and Beechwood. The damn thing about it is, Monitor St
is only three blocks long! It has four intersections and three of
them are with Beechwood. I shit you not.

>And what about those damn traffic circles? Revolving around a center
>that requires centrifugal force to keep up (forget gravity)

>: > Doesn't work either here (Canberra, Australia) or in Cambrige, UK. In both
>: > cities, streets that are intuitively parallel turn out not to be
>: > (as a rule in Canberra, they are 45-60 degrees out). In Cambridge, two of
>: > them even meet at a right angle (by the Round Church).

>: > I can only conclude that space shows a very strong local positive curvature
>: > in these cities.