Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"....a title con, again.

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Sat, 20 May 1995 09:26:15 GMT

In article <>, Yasha Hartberg ( writes:
>In article <>, (John
>McCoy) wrote:
>> In article <>, Kai Henningsen
>( writes:
>> >If, on the other hand (as is, I'd argue, the only proper way), you begin
>> >such a hypothetical examination by saying "these are the phenomenons
>> *PHENOMENA* please.
>> That is not just sloppy typing, which I am as guilty of
>> as evryone else, it is a lack of understanding of the history of
>> your own language.
>> Anyone want two memorandas?
>Tut, tut. Let's not get nasty. You may notice that Kai is posting from
>Germany. I think it is reasonable to assume that English might not be his
>first language. Given that and the fact that his English is usually
>superb (note that he uses "phenomena" correctly several times above), he
>can certainly be forgiven a slip of the tongue now and again. Besides,
>grammar flames are just silly.

Sir, you are totally correct, and I apologise wholeheartedly and
will not do it again.
Besides, is enough people decided on "octopodes" it would be
"octopodes". Pedantic nerds like me tend to forget the living
nature of language.
Sorry. John.
>> My main point, sir, is I read this post expecting a little
>> sci., instead, I heaved a little sigh.
>> (Wow, am I funny)
>> (That was sarcasm, at my own expense.)
>> Please try to keep "god" things to the aberrant psychology
>> newsgroups, like alt.madasa.banana and rec.mind.slowly, and off of
>> the ones with sci in their titles.
>> Thank you. John.
>But I am reading this from where the rules are a bit
>looser. I don't know who originally cross-posted this thread, but I must
>say it has become interesting from time to time. It really is hopeless to
>stop all the cross-posting now since there are, I believe, representative
>participants from each of the groups.
Yes, well, perhaps I need a better mail reader? One which kills
stuff before it downloads it.
Or, maybe I just need to learn how to be polite?
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