Re: Sun-Centered? (was: The Flat Earth?)

Gary Lorman (
Sat, 20 May 95 01:00:04 GMT

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>Andrew Christy <> wrote:
>> Doesn't work either here (Canberra, Australia) or in Cambrige, UK. In both
>>cities, streets that are intuitively parallel turn out not to be
>>(as a rule in Canberra, they are 45-60 degrees out). In Cambridge, two of
>>them even meet at a right angle (by the Round Church).
>That's nothing. A few mile south of here, in Irvine California,
>there is a pair of streets that intersect each other *twice*.
>May the peace of God be with you.

Well, if your talking about Main/MacArthur, then you are slightly wrong.
They intersect once in Irvine, and once in Santa Ana.

Anyway Main runs N/S and then turns and runs E/W, while
MacArthur runs E/W then turns N/S. That is why they cross twice.
They are never really running parallel to each other.

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