Re: Sun-Centered? (was: The Flat Earth?)

Herb Huston (
19 May 1995 21:31:07 -0400

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Christopher C. Wood <> wrote:
}In article <>, (Jeffrey Shallit) writes:
}|> In article <>,
}|> Stanley Friesen <> wrote:
}|> >That's nothing. A few mile south of here, in Irvine California,
}|> >there is a pair of streets that intersect each other *twice*.
}|> That's nothing. In Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, King Street and Weber
}|> Street intersect each other *3 times*.
}That's nothing. I used to live on a street that intersected another
}street three times.

My parents live on a street that intersects itself. (Lauren Lane in the
Villages of Lady Lake, Florida.)

-- Herb Huston