Re: A typical scientist? (Re: Evidence . . . .

J. P. Gilliver (
18 May 1995 02:18:24 +0100

In article <> writes:
> Well no, Carl. Wrong again! We are rather less concerned with people
> objecting to bullshit, as they have every right to do, than we are
> with their flooding the newsgroups of other branches of science with
> their constant abuse.
> The problem we are addressing here has to do with the manner of your
> participation in our conference. That you and so many identifiable
Perhaps when posting a followup to something that is posted to four newsgroups,
you might say which one you consider to be `yours', as the rest of us don't
know which you mean. (I think `conference' is Compu$serve-speak for newsgroup,
to a first approximation.)

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