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Vm> Subject: Re: If god exists, what created god?

Vm> From: (Venkatesha Murthy)
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Vm> How do you know that 'earth is not flat' ? Just because you read
Vm> somewhere ? Very few have seen earth from a distance to be able to
Vm> the shape of earth. Yet, we all believe this. One reason is this
Vm> belief will answer many phenomena observed. This is called 'proof by
Vm> inference'. Similarly until we realize god ourselves, we have to have
Vm> some faith in the words of those who have experienced it, or claim to
Vm> have experienced. Ofcourse there should not be any compulsion on
Vm> others to believe!

No, there are various methods *you* can use to prove that the earth is
not flat. What methods can we use to prove that god exists? Wanting some-
thing to exist is not enough. The idea that the earth was flat, wasn't
dropped because "round" sounded better.

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