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Gs> Subject: Re: Star Trek fans, what do you think?

Gs> From: (Greggory Senechal)
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Gs> CHEDGES ( wrote:
> Star Trek is an element of the imagination industry. While it
> mmay ask social questions and
> explore humanity, it's primary purpose is to entertain.
Gs> The purpose of something does not determine the way
Gs> people/society may deal with it. While I am not a "Trekkie", I have
Gs> dealt with devoted Trekkies and I would challenge you to tell them
Gs> that "Trek" is mere entertainment. Look at the conventions... There
Gs> is more to Trek than Hollywood.

I would say that Trek can, in many ways, be considered a religion,
Rodenberry being the godhead, with all the attendant highpriests and
priests etc. It displays the human predisposition for ritual and lore.
IMO Trek only manages to entertain half the time and it's not a good idea
to tell Trekkies anything,

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