Re: A typical scientist? (Re: Evidence . . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 17 May 1995 03:30:17 GMT

In article <>, Peter Ceresole ( writes:
>Great verbiage! How do you guys do it? It must take training.

Training? Nah! It is all merely counterpoint to the Brevity To The
Point Of Saying Nothing Whatsoever being posted here by Those Who Do

Else such monumental significance being attributed to said symbols by
the mystics propagating them, surely you will agree that every symbol
of theirs deserves a full three paragraphs from us in reply.

Except for ZERO, of course. That particular symbol is of such power
and importance that Professor John McCarthy of the Hoover Institute
at Stanford keeps an entire Recent Edition Encyclopaedia Brittanica
close at hand so as to do it some justice.

Please just don't ask anyone here about THE VOID . . .