Re: Gender differences

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Sun, 14 May 95 16:59:16 CST

In article <> (Warren Sarle) writes:
> In article <>, (Gil Hardwick) writes:
> |>
> |> In article <3ojlk6$>, Bryant ( writes:
> |> >Are humans considered sexually dimorphic in size. My subjective
> |> >impression is that men are taller (not just more robust) than women. Is
> |> >that generally accepted by anthropologists?
> |>
> |> No they are not, and no it is not. People come in all shapes and
> |> sizes. For every tall woman an anthropologist will find you a short
> |> man, and vice versa.
> Gil must have flunked his introductory statistics class in which
> averages were discussed. :-)

For every short anthropologist there is a shorter one, until we reach
Gil, who is currently stooping the lowest. In fact, I do not believe
that there are many anthropologists that would agree with him at all.

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