Re: Gender differences

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 15 May 1995 05:49:24 GMT

In article <>, Warren Sarle ( writes:
>|> In article <3ojlk6$>, Bryant ( writes:
>|> >Are humans considered sexually dimorphic in size. My subjective
>|> >impression is that men are taller (not just more robust) than women. Is
>|> >that generally accepted by anthropologists?
>|> No they are not, and no it is not. People come in all shapes and
>|> sizes. For every tall woman an anthropologist will find you a short
>|> man, and vice versa.
>Gil must have flunked his introductory statistics class in which
>averages were discussed. :-)

Oh? Do you mean here that friend Bryant meant to say that The Average
Man is taller than The Average Woman.

No doubt you can compare two averages until the cows come home, but
without understanding something about range, why, its all just the
same drivel we have come to expect from the above . . . ;-)