Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 11 May 1995 05:30:29 GMT

In article <3or8a8$>, Philip Young ( writes:
>BUT ... lay off the royal "we". I may be East Coast Australian,
>but unless there's a body of esoteric knowledge which reveals
>this wonderful paranoia lurking out west, an anthropologist -
>or even somebody who does the legwork for an anthropologist -
>would know the differences between coasts are small. Ergo,
>you attempt to smear me with your position by using "we"; and
>this is a stain I'll not willingly wear. My humour is of a
>different sort.

Oh, are you suffering from these same frequently and explicitly stated
"I'm not guilty" sorts of guilt trip so noticable among the colonials
too, Philip?

Um, perhaps you can enlighten us all as to the reasons the idea of
guilt is invoked to start with? I mean, why bother?

Guilty about what, may I ask?

Odd that the cry rings so loudly whenever indigenous people, or land
rights, or even Landcare are mentioned in such circles. Remarkable
correlation, that!

Sufficuent to attract the curious attention of even the most lax of
social scientists.

>One of the best lines I've heard in ages, coming from you! Thanks!

Gee thanks! Nice to get such positive feedback from all my fans.