Re: Gender differences

Eric Shook (Panopticon@oubliette.COM)
Wed, 10 May 95 23:35:09 CST

In article <3ojdm4$> (Eric Tolle) writes:
> In <> (J. Moore) writes:
> >Most people I know love to play with babies, although with some of the
> >men, they won't profess interest unless they're with people they feel
> >comfortable enough with to drop their guard.
> Not to mention the men who like to play with babies but are nervious/
> catious about breaking them...soley because of limitedd experience in
> dealing with babies....that seems to go away with enough exposure.
> Eric Tolle
> Hey! This topic deals with Anthropology and not Ancient Astronauts or IQ
> controversies....are we sure this is the right group for it? ;')

Well, actually, the Ancient Astronauts bred the baby grabbing gene
out of the male members of the species......Now we don't have any
fatherly instincts, unless you ask the statisticians who can always find a
needle in a haystack.

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