Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Ken Smith (
10 May 1995 14:41:56 GMT

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Patti Rebecca King <> wrote:

>The Big Bang supposedly was the key to the formation of the
No actually it is how the universe got its start. There has been a great
deal of change since the time of the big band. These changes are brought
about by the interactions of the things created in the big bang.

>, since i assume humans werent here before the universe,
Humans were not around for almost all of the time since the big bang.

> it
>must have led to the formation of all life, including humans, and all
>processes, including evolution. As far as reproduction goes, the Big
>Bang is also the supposed origin of lots of things that cant reproduce
>themselves, systems of planets and stars and other matter, that are
>actually similar to the workings of the aforementioned watch...
Systems of stars and planets do not have gears and springs and dials. I
dont see and similarity beyond the circular motion. But even there there
is a problem. No parts in watches travel in ellipes. The universe is a
disorginized mess. We only happen to live on a chunck of rock that at
this time is following a near circular path around an average star.

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