Re: If god exists, what created god?

Triple Quadrophenic (
10 May 1995 12:45:10 GMT

In article <3omf0g$>, (Venkatesha Murthy) says:
> How do you know that 'earth is not flat' ? Just because you read somewhere ?
> Very few have seen earth from a distance to be able to see the shape of
> earth. Yet, we all believe this. One reason is this belief will answer
> many phenomena observed. This is called 'proof by inference'. Similarly
> until we realize god ourselves, we have to have some faith in the words of
> those who have experienced it, or claim to have experienced. Ofcourse
> there should not be any compulsion on others to believe!

Well I know lots of people who have "seen the Earth from a distance to see the
shape of the earth". When you fly in a plane and see mountains appear from below
the horizon it's obvious that the Earth is not flat. Even if I hadn't seen it
there are people that I trust that tell me they have been all the way round or
have seen it. I've seen live pictures from space. I don't need to have just "read
it somewhere".

Why do we "have to have some faith in the words of those who have experienced it [god]"?
Do we also have to have faith in all the schizophrenics who believe that they
are god (or do you think that a heresy)? How about people who claim they have been
abducted by aliens? They have just as much evidence as you do for your god.

I agree that there should be no compulsion on others to believe anything. So why is it
only the bloody christians who keep telling me I'm damned when they knock on my door
at some unearthly hour on a Sunday morning?

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