Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Tue, 09 May 1995 01:18:45 GMT

In article <3ojoic$>, Ken Smith ( writes:
>Actually we know quite a lot about the universe. We have now learned
>enough to know that there is a great deal left to learn. Knowledge is
>like an expanding ball. The bigger it gets the greater is the area
>where our knowledge ends.

AH SO! It is actually your "knowledge" which is like an expanding
ball, not the "universe"!

Tell me Ken, expanding into what? Lets hope you don't run slap bang
into too many more Ayatollahs with your puerile arrogance. They like
their OWN _space_, you know, just like the rest of us do.

>>Does that mean I won't be allowed to loll about under a shady tree
>>watching the world go by any longer? Pity . . .
>For you there will be a special exemption.

Gee thanks. Being exempt does that mean I have permission to pursue
far more interesting and relevant topics here on our anthropological
forum? Like maybe the Purukupali cosmology?

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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