Re: anthropology and physics

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 08 May 1995 03:24:21 GMT

In article <>, Midvale ( writes:
>This summer I may have an opportunity to work with a physics professor,
>however I am more interested in the field of anthropology. Can anybody
>offer any insights as to a prodject bridging both fields or references to
>applicable publications.

A physicist with ambitions to a cognate thesis in anthropology, yet.

Please do let us refer you to Dr Bruce Scott at Max Planck . . .

Maybe if you both work together at it long enough, voila!, finally we
will find the question resolved on whether zero is simply nothing, or
whether we really can increase the number of dogs by getting rid of

You never know how very useful such a discovery will be to the planet.

Why, all the President (or probably the White House Press Secretary)
would need to do is proclaim "No roaches are dodos", that we can send
all the school children out of an evening to crunch roaches along the
sidewalk and thus bring the poor old dodo back from extinction.

What a marvellous idea!

PLEASE, somebody out there HELP THIS PERSON!

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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