Re: CyberAnthropology anyone?

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 08 May 1995 03:11:43 GMT

In article <>, Greggory Senechal ( writes:
>Bitter Gil?

Me bitter, Gregg?

It was you attempting surreptitiously to knife your own colleague, old
fruits, instead of lodging valid complaint openly and honestly as one
would anticipate of professional conduct, and offering the same right
of reply you no doubt claim for yourself.

But like your wimpy poofter mate here at this end, and a few others
who have tried pulling the same stunt, you had already set yourself
up as both prosecution and defence, and taken on the full role of
judge and jury before the fact. Hadn't you.

You felt that your own moral high dudgeon would be enough to pull it
off. Then like a snotty little shit of a child throwing a tantrum, you
thought you could just get away with it.

But as you learned, not with me you won't. A swift clip under the ear
'ole and then a tanned arse is what you'll get coming that caper with
me, sonny jim.

You were not merely unsuccessful, but a resounding failure in fact. It
must have been horribly embarrassing for you to have been given such
a bare-arsed thrashing in public as you were.

Make me bitter? That you had failed so miserably like said others of
your ilk to achieve your nefarious objectives would surely PLEASE me,
wouldn't you think?

Let it be a lesson.

In the meantime, since you do appear to be on campus perhaps you can
inform your fresher class with ambitions to complete a cognate thesis
in computer programming that anthropology is definitely NOT "Cyber".

ANTHROPO = humankind

LOGY = the study of

Human ecology? OK, fair enough.

Environmental studies? Perhaps.

Biology? Hhhhmmmmm? Comme ci, comme ca, n'est-ce pas?

Computer Engineering? Plainly NOT!


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