Re: Best American Composer.

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8 May 1995 15:39:44 GMT

David Fumento ( wrote:
: Berlin? Who lived to be about 100 (I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...)

Well, even if he wasn't the best (I think he was....), he was
without a doubt the busiest. Irving Berlin (1888-1989) composed over
1500 songs in his lifetime. He once said something to the effect of
"There are really only four songs in the world. The rest are just
variations." Neat guy.

About performers ruining composers music..... He absolutely
refused to let any performer taking any artistic license with his work.
He came up with it, he composed it, he knew how it should sound, and
noone else could refute his point of view.

afraid he just shoved his foot even further down his throat....
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