Re: If god exists, what created god?

Paul Schlyter (
7 May 1995 23:23:21 +0200

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Per Lindqvist <> wrote:
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>>: > . . . If [God] is all-powerfull, can he create or destroy himself?
>> What I want to know is, if God can do anything, can he make a
>>rock so big that he can't lift it?
>God is eternal. He has always existed, and will always exist.
>If you ask "how did he come into being", you misunderstand the
>eternalness. Something which is eternal, without beginning or end, is
>not created.
>Now this is completely out of our experience, since everything we know
>about is not eternal. Everything around us has a beginning and an end,
>so whe might have a problem understanding the concept of eternalness.

Are you aware of that your two statements:

"God is eternal"


"Everything we know about is not eternal"

implies that you don't know about God ..... did you think about that?

Also, you don't really know whether "God" really is eternal or not.
All you know is that there are some old books that claim this - nothing more.
You can of course choose to believe in this -- but then you only believe
God is eternal - you don't know it.

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