Re: Anthropology and organizational culture

David Tobey (
8 May 1995 04:09:00 GMT

Colley Stacy Ann <> wrote:
> Hey guys, hope you don't mind if I jump in, i'm so psyched to hear others
> talking about this subject. I can't get any of my friends in anth
> interested in it. I'm finishing up a special problems course the
> semester on business and industrial anth. It's just me and my prof
> because nobody else is interested.

Thanks for the info. Did you and your prof happen to venture into the construction of belief systems
or schema used by groups to facilitate information selection, enact rituals,
create myths (i.e., metaphors and stories) etc. My belief is that the most
important contribution which anthropology can make to organizational design is by
improving our understanding of the ways in which culture is transmitted, and the
effects of the selected transmission mode(s) on current and future effectiveness
and environmental fit.

Unfortunately, my research has found too much focus on "reporting" the ethnography of
organizations, and little interpretation and assessment of it. Any comments/suggestions
regarding these issues would be appreciated.

David H. Tobey
Clayton, CA