Re:Matriarchal Cultures

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 06 May 1995 09:30:01 GMT

In article <3o9npf$3r1@stud.Direct.CA>, Iboothby (iboothby@Direct.CA) writes:
>I had heard a theory that very acient human cultures in Europe were
>based on a matriachary. I don't relly know how hard the evidence
>for these theories are but it is a different way of seeing human
>history and may provide insight for things that may have been overooked.
>I've also heared that Acient Crete was a matriarichal culture.

Then perhaps you might like to go off and research the vast corpus of
literature already available on the topic, eh?

Surely were you seriously interested in the question you would have
already availed yourself of the far more fruitful avenues of enquiry
in the on-line search facilities installed in your local library.

Here you are just as likely to get flamed for your trouble by some Bay
Area loony, or some such . . .

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