Re: ethno-astronomy ?

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 06 May 1995 09:10:02 GMT

In article <3o9bj0$1a49@ns4-1.CC.Lehigh.EDU>, kmk2@Lehigh.EDU (kmk2@Lehigh.EDU) writes:
>i think i have something of a clue what ethnobotany is --- cross-cultural
>study of folk categorizations of plants...
>if this is right?, then i'm curious if there are any comprehensive things
>written about folk categorizations of the stars?

I'd reply but the physicists yet lurking around here might take it as
just so much more religious ranting, so maybe until things quieten a
tad, eh?

For now, yes you are on the right track and maybe somebody can help
you with references.

Good luck with your enquiries.

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