Re: This cultural vandalism (Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Ken Smith (
6 May 1995 14:37:07 GMT

In article <>,
Gil Hardwick <> wrote:

> We anthropologists don't
>go about like ranting iconoclasts to destroy your physical evidence,
>do we?
Actually, yes you do.

>purpose than to impose the dominance of the G7 industrial nations over
>everybody else on the planet.
Now we see the real motives come out. This is a political agenda and has
nothing to do with science. I hope the "we anthropologists" doesn't
include all of them.

>Already the combined world environment and social security payouts
>have reached astronomical proportions trying to keep ahead of the
>pace of destruction. Far better surely were the good disciplines of
>scientific method were put to the benefit of humankind, yes?
At least he's consistant. He gets everything wrong.

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