Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

David Tonhofer (
2 May 1995 22:04:30 +0200

In article <>, Robert Roosen <>

Robert Roosen ( wrote:

Zero and infinity are intellectual concepts. Neither has ever been


Julian Assange ( answers:

Infinity may well be an intellectual concept. Zero certainly isn't and is
well understood in many circimstances, where it merely means "does not have
this property" or "not applicable".

Again, Robert Roosen ( wrote:

I repeat, it is not possible to observe a zero quantity.

BIG DEAL? What is this thread about anyway? Evidence for "Big Bang theory"???
Looks like the poor thread has been beaten to death long ago with a foam
cushion. And what the hell is an "intellectual concept", huh? This looks like
a no-use philosophical discussion where people chase their own tails.
Enough, already!

-- David