Re: Replacing babies (was Re: PROPOSAL: Alt.terriorism.american)

Daniel Hartung (dhartung@MCS.COM)
4 May 1995 23:31:55 -0500

In article <>,
Michael Bauser <> wrote:
>Note: I'm adding sci.anthropology to the "Newsgroups" header, because
>all of a sudden, we're talking about sociobiology. Sociobiology AND
>politics. Wonderful combination, isn't it?
>(For those of you in sci.anthro, people are arguing about terrorism
>and militias over in alt.config . Mike Chapman is a militia member who
>apparently thinks the U.S. government was "asking for it" and all that,
>is upset that other posters are blaming the militias (seriously, half
>this fight is over a SIG QUOTE) for the bombing in Oklahoma City, and
>is now reaching new levels of rhetorical silliness. And he's probably
>going to accuse me of character assassination for saying all that.)

Oh my. I've sparked a discussion about Mike Chapman as
a sociobiological specimen.

Somehow this does NOT surprise me. No other comment....

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