Re: If god exists, what created god?

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3 May 95 16:57:16 GMT

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>>: > . . . If [God] is all-powerfull, can he create or destroy himself?

>> What I want to know is, if God can do anything, can he make a
>>rock so big that he can't lift it?

>And could he then create a god who could lift it?

God is a three-dimensional(3-d) FISH who lives in two-dimensional(2-d)
liquid/water. There is no time-dimension(t-d), Becaz God is immortal: only we
mortal beings+universe perceive the time dimension (sob!.sob!...). God lives
in liquid ,Becaz FISH don't live without liquid, and only liquid is 2-d --if
you don't believe me, just raise your hand, someone (in sci & scpb) recently
have proved it using `elaborate set-theory' (spare me I'm too dumb to
understand math... you know, what! I mean ;-)), so PLEASE trust me that
liquid is indeed 2-d.
Now ask for yourself, Can a 3-d God creates a 4-d (strictly in `relativity'
sense) rock ?... It was easy isn't it :-)
. BEVKOOF(the stupid)