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Thu, 04 May 95 02:28:19 EDT

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>And boys don't play with dolls? What are all those toy soldiers? <g>
>Is it that you mean that female children are encouraged to play with
>baby dolls, and as realistic ones as possible, even to drinking and
>peeing. They are encouraged in this play at about the same age at which

Hey there, I'll let you know than many of us formerly-young males were
very realistic in portraying the effects of war on our "action figures".
I've got a closet in Michigan full of wounded, injured, maimed, and
crippled G.I. Joes I'm too sentimental to throw out. Looks like a
casting call for an especially bloody episode of M.A.S.H. in there....

>male children take up gunplay. Surely all this is purely cultural
>learning designed to get the children to mimic adult human behavior. ;)

Goodness. My little brother once melted a action figure's arm off with a
magnifying glass. I hope we weren't bringing him up to torture POWs

(I'm sorry--this week has just been too serious.)

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