Re: sociolinguistics

Prashanth Rao (
3 May 1995 15:37:14 GMT

You may also want to check out the work done on Language Socialization
by Bambi Schieffelin and E. Ochs. Schieffelin has a book out called "The
Give and Take of Everyday Life," which is quite good. Also, another
great ethnographic study that uses the lanuage socialization model is by
Don Kulick, titled "Language Shift and Cultural Reproduction". Both
books are worth checking into.

R.D. Steadman-Jones ( wrote:
: Hello. I'm wondering if anyone who follows this group at the moment is
: working in sociolinguistics. If so, do you know of a group where there's a
: bit more coverage of issues of language and society? I've been looking but
: I haven't found one yet.

: Also, I'd be grateful if anyone has any references for articles or papers by
: Duranti, Gee and Tannen . I've heard interesting things about their ideas
: with regard to language in part constituting social roles and settings rather
: than being determined by them. Can anyone recommend any reading?

: Thanks in advance.

: Richard.