Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Travis C. Porco (porco@golden.Berkeley.EDU)
3 May 1995 09:53:27 GMT

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Daniel Nexon <> wrote:
>Robert Hartman ( wrote:
>: You know, Jews are just people, and the Bible says what it says. I
>: believe that Jews are capable of genocide and atrocities, just like
>: anyone else.


It is important neither to overpraise nor overcondemn the Jews; they are
not more or less special than any other nation. The world is more
interesting with Jews in it, even if the time has come to disregard the
fiction of a "chosen people".

>Yeah, you're right. Last night I was thinking about how "pro-Palestinian"
>I am and how pro-"land for peace," etc. And I thought, you know, someone
>could read my little crack on citing the bible as authority as exempting
>Jews from blame. The Jews have had their Meir Kahanes' (sp?), Stern
>Gangs, etc. Sorry if I gave the impression that the Jews were blameless.

Nevertheless, without their provincial bigots, militarists, and
right-wingers, I doubt that Israel could survive. Certainly Israel has
its own "peace pansies" and marxist unilateral disarmament zealots, but
to its credit they haven't been allowed to send their nation to suicide.

> Dan