Re: zoosexual cave art?

Stephen Wray (
03 May 1995 04:41:32 GMT

> >The way that people in society view their relationship with animals is
> >relevent to my research interests.
> Well, now that you explain what it is you want to know more fully,
> perhaps we can help after all.
> Why did you limit your enquiry to sexual relationships only? Surely
> that is the very least interest humans have in animals.

I happened to have noticed a reference which claimed that such cave art was
actually quite common, and that archaeologists are ("naturally") quite
reluctant to discuss it.

Having never seen or heard of any other references to this topic, I was
naturally curious.

Having actually *seen* pornographic images of bestiality, I must say that
the motivation and emotional state of the humans involved interest me.

There were no obvious signs of discomfort on the part of the animals
involved, and the people involved didn't seem particularly demented or
insane. Of course, stills (or even movies) are not the ideal means of
assessing these things.

I'm *not* going to be any more explicit than this on a public newsgroup.

The boundaries that people draw up between themselves and animals are
more or less flexible, depending on the people under consideration.
As for the people who participate in thses activities, I really wonder how
they feel about the animals involved. What sort of emotive response they
have towards them, and especially, what sorts of relations do they have
with people.

Are we heading more towards sci.psychology type discussion here?
Hmm -- I guess psychology *could* be seen as a branch of anthropology...


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