Re: If god exists, what created god?

WRIGHT JACOB PHILIP (wrightjp@ucsub.Colorado.EDU)
1 May 1995 14:49:31 GMT

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Dr. Jai Maharaj <> wrote:
>On 29 Apr 1995 16:14:15 UTC,
>in article <3ntokn$hhj@CUBoulder.Colorado.EDU>,
>wrightjp@ucsub.Colorado.EDU (WRIGHT JACOB PHILIP) asked:
>> . . . If [God] is all-powerfull, can he create or destroy himself?
> Your supposition of fact contains the answer to your
>question, as in "if a tomato is red, can a tomato be red?" since
>"all-powerful" signifies any ability whatsoever.
I disagree (well I would, wouldn't I): If god is all-powerfull, he cannot
be destroyed, as that would be a limitation on his power, agreed?
However, as you pointed out, if god is all-powerfull he can do anything,
so we have two incompatible logical statements. Throw in the added
complication that this hypothetical God may not be subject to logic
as we know it and you have a difficult question. (some of you may find
this easy, I dont) Also, if god has the ability to create himself
(interesting concept!) can he ever really be destroyed? Thanks for
provoking me, it makes me think!