Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

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27 Apr 1995 19:06:11 GMT (Robert Roosen) writes:
/David Thomas ( wrote:
/: In article <>,
/: Robert Roosen <> wrote:
/: > The big bang cosmologists seem to have a much lower opinion of
/: >God's capabilities :-)
/: >Robert
/: Or a higher opinion of nature's.
/OK, I'll bite. What's the difference between nature and God?

"Nature" is a label we use to describe the material world as a whole.
The concept has been anthropomorphicized, but when a scientist uses the
term, they're usually referring to something non-sentient.

A "god" or the "God" refers to a superhuman being worshipped as having
supernatural powers or abilities (according to my pocket dictionary.)
This definition implies sentience.

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