Re: CyberAnthropology anyone?

Robert Roosen (
Sun, 30 Apr 1995 16:23:07 GMT

Gil Hardwick ( wrote:

: With a capital letter in the middle into the bargain.

Ah yes. The "middleman".
Aussies are very quick to pick up on this.

: Each "service provider" (as the concurrent blather would have it) in
: turn making some passing sort of living at delivering other people's
: messages for them.

When John D. Rockefeller got his monopoly on the kerosene
business, he became wealthy, thousands of middlemen went broke, and the
price of kerosene dropped from 50 cents a gallon to 25 cents a gallon.


PS I make some of my best anthropological observations while standing in
line in the supermarket. The clerks have a union, and 60 per cent of my
food bill goes to pay them. They get about fifteen dollars an hour.
Without the union, they would get about five. They spend the money on new
cars and such. They wear a lot of those carpal tunnel syndrome braces.
One thing I have noticed is that they think shoplifters are
thieves, and get outraged and physically abusive when they detect one.
Of course, their union is "legitimate".