Survivors (was Re: If god exists, what created god?)

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 30 Apr 1995 08:38:47 GMT

In article <3nq5j1$>, Paul Schlyter ( writes:
>In the beginning of the book, right after the holocaust, it's a grand
>crime being an intellectual or seeking knowledge -- the slogan all over
>the world among the survivors is: "I'm a simpleton, I'm a simpleton...".

This is science fiction? Goodness me how accurate the predictions can
be! Why, right here and now and for the past two entire generations
all we have got is "I don't know its not my fault I only work here",
and "Who the hell are you how would you know anyway."

On campus the version is just a tad more sophisticated, "How would we
know its policy and we can't get any funding", or "I'm gay its not my
fault the Lesbian Mafia are after me . . ."

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