Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 05:48:49 GMT

In article <>, Robert Roosen ( writes:
> Go to the library and look up Trophim Lysenko. The success of a
>theory depends in part on its political popularity, as an entire
>generation of Russian geneticists learned to their dismay.
> Lysenkoism used to be a commonly used term in science--before it
>became a standard technique of the "political" scientists who are
>presently setting most public funding policies.

You don't honestly expect Lyddick or Scott or any of the others to
swallow such a tale, do you?

Such "political" scientists (cf "political scientists", both here in
Australia simply "bureaucrats") such as they would hardly be expected
to concede policy here in public, would they?

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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