Re: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory"

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 05:38:23 GMT

In article <>, Robert Roosen ( writes:
>That reminds me of scarab rings. The scarab was the symbol of eternal
>life for one of the Egyptian civilizations. Some of the scarab rings are
>still around. I have heard many examples of bad luck coming to the
>wearers of those rings. Sort of a negative power object.

Bad luck coming to the wearer of a negative power sort of object which
is the symbol of eternal life?

Excuse me that something fundamental appears to have been missed in
the translation here. Unless of course such topsy-turvy stories are
circulated by Museum curators concerned that some weird sect is going
to break in and steal the stupid things.

Or maybe catholic priests worried about their congregations . . .

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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