Maps & dreams, and reasonable conduct . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 29 Apr 1995 05:24:08 GMT

Let me simply state as clearly as I can, Bruce Scott, that I do not
and have never at any time considered it a problem that you people so
insist that your particular map IS the territory. After all, that is
nothing more than your own peculiar eccentricity, of which there are
far worse to contend.

What I DO object to is your further insistence that others are so
stupid that they would be so bold as to actually sit there and query
any such assumption on scientific grounds, and that you should act so
violently against them for that reason.

Such behaviour is NOT science, but political fascism. The reifying of
merely theoretical constructs; THAT IS, MERE IDEAS DR SCOTT, and then
imposing them under the aegis of the State on everybody else is NOT
science at all, but the most extreme totalitarianism.

Didn't any of you learn enough from the experience of the 1930s,
culminating in WW2, or does it have to be fought all over again?

If on the other hand you wish to be acknowledged and respected among
the world community of scholars, how about dropping the arrogance and
acknowledge yourselves that perhaps your theories are as inherently
limited in the capacity to inform us on the nature of reality as any

That as you already well know the only valid foundation upon which we
are able to proceed at all as scientists is the systematic assessment,
mutually agreed upon, that on balance of probability what we observe
is in fact what is actually happening.

Just accept maybe that you are mere mortals like all the rest of us,
to which the same rules of civilised conduct and fair regard for your
peers and colleagues apply.

Else why would any of us bother at all being of any assitance to you
in your endeavours? You can all get stuffed, I say, with your present
rate of puerile carry-on.

Thank you.

He who refuses to qualify data is doomed to rant.
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