Re: What Matriarchy? (was Drugs etc.)

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22 Jul 1996 13:11:16 GMT

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> This is EXACTLY the point. We can only go by what we have actual
>for. Do you know what that is? Patriarchy. We have evidence from all
>the world of patriarchal civilizations and cultures.

Really? Name some of your documentation. I never argued matriarchy
existed, I did say archeologists are finding graves which point at a
possible matriarical society. I never said I had proof. I asked to be
led in the direction of research, but not one person has directed me.

You're the one
>arguing, in the first place, that matriarchy ever existed. You seem to
>have gotten awfully offended when asked for actual evidence.

I got offended? You should charge for that psychic ability.

Now you've
>come around to proving the basis for my arguments and those of others.
>Until proof has been given, we can only go with what evidence is
And I said there is new evidence found in Russia in graves which point
to the possibility of women having been warriors and leaders in a
society. My one mistake is I dont yet have the literature, but I am
awaiting it right now. The second I get it, I will post it.