Re: What Matriarchy? (was Drugs etc.)

Al Billings (
22 Jul 1996 01:34:56 GMT

error@hell wrote:
: In <> (Aaron
: Clausen) writes:
: >When you look at history, all people shared work. Women took care of
: the cave
: >and the gathering, men went out and got big animals to eat.
: Simplistic
: >perhaps, but it gives you an idea.
: >
: Really? And if this is so, and there is no documented proof in ancient
: history, how can you prove your ideas? How do you know for sure there
: was never a matriarchy? Just as we have no proof of that, we also have
: no proof there wasnt. Unless you base ancient history on cultures that
: DID record history much, much later.

This is EXACTLY the point. We can only go by what we have actual proof
for. Do you know what that is? Patriarchy. We have evidence from all over
the world of patriarchal civilizations and cultures. You're the one
arguing, in the first place, that matriarchy ever existed. You seem to
have gotten awfully offended when asked for actual evidence. Now you've
come around to proving the basis for my arguments and those of others.
Until proof has been given, we can only go with what evidence is